I started studying the violin at the age of 5 under the guidance of M ° Maria Lamonaca thanks to which I entered the Niccol ò Piccinni

Conservatory of Bari at the age of 9 years.

At the age of 12 I abandoned the study of music and then resumed it at the age of 15 under the guidance of M ° Francesco Del Prete.

A year later I entered the Tito Schipa conservatory in Lecce in the new system with pre-academic and subsequently academic training under the guide of maestro Marcello Baldassarre.

Graduated with honors from the degree course in violin at the “Tito Schipa ”

Conservatory of Lecce. I attend the specialization course in electronic and electroacoustic music.

I was just 14 years old when I made my first concert: with me there was among the guests the

late father of the Salento pizzica “Uccio ALOISI”. Since then, until today I have performed about 500 performances in concerts and compositions diver if (Evo, I Calanti, Turritopsis, Talitakum, Euphonic, Stella Grande, Kalurya, Kalispera, FabbricaFolk, South Wind); chamber music (Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory “Tito

Schipa of Lecce; Chamber Orchestra of the Department of Arches “Tito Schipa of Lecce; Orchestra Accademia dei Serenati

chamber ensembles in duo, trio and string quartet).

I attended musical refresher and improvement courses. I have participated in music

competitions (as a soloist and in groups) always achieving excellent acclaim from the public and critics. I participated, together with my group, in filming for television programs of RAI1 (twice Linea Blu), RAI2 (sereno variable), RAI3Lazio (TGR) and private televisions.With the pop / rock “Euphonic ” band we won the Barocco band award and we played at the evening of

the attached event. Always with the same training we have created the soundtrack of the documentary film “Virt ù e Conoscenza ” produced by APS.

MediterraneaMente financed by the Puglia Region (Department of Education Law).

Since 2017 I have been teaching violin in the musical academy "Mille e una note'' of Veglie (LE). I taught tambourine in the National Training Course for Teachers “La Pizzica – Intangible Heritage of Salento ”, organized by Italia Nostra Onlus in ’a.s. 2018/19, accredited by the MIUR.

All ’ now I am a singer and violinist of the folk/rok band EVÒ with whom I released the first album under production of the very important studio and record company Auditoria Records where they record the big Italians such as Ligabue, Arisa, Anna tatangelo, Ermal Meta and other.

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